Assessing an SEO Agency by the Hat It Has On

There are mainly two classes of SEO techniques: white hat and black hat. Although both of these classifications have been existing for some time ever since the boom of online marketing, major search giants like Google have taken to rooting out and banning the use of black hat methods in their sites. Why exactly should you opt for a reputable SEO agency that practices only white hat techniques? Continue reading


Simple Tips to Improve Your SEO With

For your business’ website to do its job of reeling in prospective customers, it should first be visible to anyone who happens to search for your products and services in search engines like Google – and this is where SEO or search engine optimisation comes in. For your SEO strategy to pull through, here are some essential ingredients that it should never go without:

Internal and External Links

Internal links are those that you anchor to a piece of text within your site’s content, and it leads to another page in your site. External links, on the other hand, are those developed off-site, in other relevant websites, with the same function as the former. Both of these link building elements are essential for increasing traffic to your site. Continue reading

Your Reputation is Your Most Important Asset

A name is more than just a name: large corporations and small companies alike rely on their reputation to sustain themselves and continue doing business. It’s only logical: a company that’s well-known for the quality of its services is bound to attract many clients and customers.

In fact, corporate reputation is known to be worth as much as 4 to 5 percent of a company’s annual sales and is reported to be the most important asset of most CEOs around the world. It’s also known that a company’s reputation is the first thing that other companies look for when forming partnerships and business deals with them. Finally, having a bad reputation is arguably much worse than having no reputation at all because negative reviews can spread as fast as positive ones through mass media and the Internet. Continue reading

Tips for Starting a Google AdWords Campaign

Google AdWords is an excellent online marketing platform that allows you to efficiently reach out to your target market with the products and services that they need. Since Google has been an undisputed champion among search engines, your AdWords campaign should help you reel in a big group of prospective clients. Now, how do you begin?

AdWords Profile

Begin your Google AdWords campaign by creating an account. If you have a business Gmail account, you can use it register for an AdWords profile. Make sure that you build your profile well, and provide all the necessary information to get your campaign off the ground. Continue reading

Tips to Boost your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Rarely will an online marketing plan compete well with other local businesses if it doesn’t utilize social media as a channel for content. However, being a business with a Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or any other social media account means that you should take care that you are efficiently reaching out to your customers and delivering informational or educational content with a lot of entertainment value. Continue reading