Simple Tips to Improve Your SEO With

For your business’ website to do its job of reeling in prospective customers, it should first be visible to anyone who happens to search for your products and services in search engines like Google – and this is where SEO or search engine optimisation comes in. For your SEO strategy to pull through, here are some essential ingredients that it should never go without:

Internal and External Links

Internal links are those that you anchor to a piece of text within your site’s content, and it leads to another page in your site. External links, on the other hand, are those developed off-site, in other relevant websites, with the same function as the former. Both of these link building elements are essential for increasing traffic to your site.

Reader-Friendly Content

Gone are the days when you could make content that’s clunky and almost meaningless just to make sure that you get enough site traffic. Today search engines are on the lookout for websites that actually contain quality, relevant, and reader-friendly content, which they give a high ranking to. Sites that have awkward, indecipherable text passed off as content are most likely to be penalized.

Non-Repetitive Content

As much as possible, your content shouldn’t have extremely repetitive phrases, regardless if those phrases are your linked keywords or not. Search engine crawlers often flag these kinds of content as spam, giving your site a bad reputation instead of boosting your SEO efforts.


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