Assessing an SEO Agency by the Hat It Has On

There are mainly two classes of SEO techniques: white hat and black hat. Although both of these classifications have been existing for some time ever since the boom of online marketing, major search giants like Google have taken to rooting out and banning the use of black hat methods in their sites. Why exactly should you opt for a reputable SEO agency that practices only white hat techniques?

Black Hat: Spamming the Online World

Black hat SEO techniques involve strategies like keyword stuffing, doorway pages, link farming, blog and forum spamming, etc. Basically, these techniques are meant to deceive search engine “crawlers” into giving your web page a better ranking than it really deserves. Thankfully, newer Google algorithms, from Penguin and Panda, to the latest Hummingbird, have taken steps to make sure that these techniques are more readily spotted and banned.

White Hat: Keeping Content King

Quality content: such is the battle cry of today’s white hat SEO. Instead of focusing on shady, below-the-belt ways to get high Google rankings, it aims for websites to create reader-friendly material that isn’t only relevant to the industry, but also educational and if need be, entertaining. Through white hat SEO, you don’t need to shell out massive resources just to pull your page up search results pages – all you primarily need is quality content that focuses on your target market.


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