AdWords: Google’s Answer to Internet Marketing

Long before internet marketing took off, the people behind Google recognized the search engine’s online marketing potential. Consequently, Google launched its own advertising service, dubbed “AdWords”, as early as October 2000. In 2012, this service generated $42.5 billion in advertising revenue.

Exactly how this service works can be a little tricky to explain, but suffice it to say that AdWords relies on search queries. Certain queries are deemed more important than others, based on how much value they command at Google’s “auctions”. Once a certain query gets entered, Google automatically displays relevant adverts on the search results page(s). The catch is that the adverts depend on their maximum bid and quality scores before they can be displayed.

Maximum bid refers to the largest monetary value given to a specific ad, based on how advertisers value the query or queries associated with it. Quality score, meanwhile, simply pertains to the relevance of the advert with the website it’s linking to and its overall appeal with internet users.

The advert with the highest bids and the top quality score becomes an AdWord and ends up in the first page of Google’s search results pages. Dealing with the bidding process and ensuring that the advert scores high in terms of quality are the responsibilities of advertising companies.


The Business of Networking: Using Google Plus

Social networks come in various shapes and forms, each suited for a particular function or audience. Take, for instance, the extremely popular Facebook and Twitter networks, which allow family and friends to connect and share links, photos, and videos with each other. Certain social networks, such as LinkedIn, are geared toward corporate users such as employers and employees or jobseekers.

While it’s great to have multiple social networks to choose from, businesses that want to utilize them for marketing purposes might run into limitations distinct to each type. Some social networks, after all, lack the expert atmosphere professional networks exude. At the same time, such professional social networks may alienate more casual users. To get around such problems, businesses can rely on Google Plus—a service that combines the best of both social and professional networks.

Google Plus allows businesses to create credible professional profiles while allowing them to engage consumers similar to social networks. Businesses with a strong presence on Google Plus typically enjoy better search engine rankings and enhanced visibility to their target audiences. Businesses that want to get the most out of Google Plus might want to enlist the aid of a reputable online marketing agency to make the most out of this platform.

Social Media Managers for Sound Social Media Plans

Social media can open a world of opportunities for expanding networks and advertising your business. The Internet has become a convenient way of connecting with resources, building and maintaining relationships, and researching clients, employees and prospects.

Here are some important tips so you can better utilize social media for your business. Continue reading

How to Use LinkedIn Well

LinkedIn has become the business network of choice for many companies. If you plan to use it, you must learn to use it well. Here are three tips on how to do so:

Add a benefit to your title.

When you type in your title or role, instead of simply saying ‘Client Services Director’, you can add words like ‘ensuring you get the best possible service’. Every time your contacts receive your updates, they will also see this. This is a crafty way to remind your customers of the good work you do, not to mention that it serves as a subtle and free personal ad. Continue reading

Basic Pointers in Hiring a SEO Consultant

P-B-R-S are four letters that you should always remember every time you think of seeking a SEO consultant assistance. These letters stand as your simple guide in finding the right SEO firm out there.

P stands for purpose. This refers to matters like reputation management, SEO audit, link removal, content marketing, link building, etc. You should always think of the purpose why you are seeking help from professionals. This is for you to be able to determine whether the offered services of a company will meet your needs as a company. It should also be a good measure of your project’s success with the chosen firm. Continue reading