Basic Pointers in Hiring a SEO Consultant

P-B-R-S are four letters that you should always remember every time you think of seeking a SEO consultant assistance. These letters stand as your simple guide in finding the right SEO firm out there.

P stands for purpose. This refers to matters like reputation management, SEO audit, link removal, content marketing, link building, etc. You should always think of the purpose why you are seeking help from professionals. This is for you to be able to determine whether the offered services of a company will meet your needs as a company. It should also be a good measure of your project’s success with the chosen firm.

B is for bids, which means hearing offers of different firm before choosing one. Companies that you will contact will give you a proposal with pricing in them. Some may even offer free consultation just to impress you and you need this to know them more.

R stands for reference. Recommendation and referrals are still credible ways of finding the service you need. Check out reviews of previous clients of your candidate firm to see if they meet expectations, or if there are red flags you should look out for.

Lastly, S is for stories. Looking at their proposals and reference is not enough in screening them. Be sure to make them tell more about their company. As they say, a good company tells good stories but a great one tells great stories, but preferably, these stories are all true.


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