How to Use LinkedIn Well

LinkedIn has become the business network of choice for many companies. If you plan to use it, you must learn to use it well. Here are three tips on how to do so:

Add a benefit to your title.

When you type in your title or role, instead of simply saying ‘Client Services Director’, you can add words like ‘ensuring you get the best possible service’. Every time your contacts receive your updates, they will also see this. This is a crafty way to remind your customers of the good work you do, not to mention that it serves as a subtle and free personal ad.

Upload your entire address book.

Doing this only takes a few minutes, so try not to skip it. This move can be very useful whether you’re setting up an account or if you already have an account in place. When your entire address book is uploaded, you can choose who to send a LinkedIn invitation from it. By scrolling down your list, you’ll discover who are already on LinkedIn with whom you can choose to connect with.

Avoid bad grammar, typos, and cod English at all costs.

It’s unacceptable to have any type of errors within your profile. When you finish writing your profile, go over it again. Be sure to check more than once. If English is not your native language but want to use it for your profile, have the work done by a reliable SEO company that offers LinkedIn packages.


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