The Business of Networking: Using Google Plus

Social networks come in various shapes and forms, each suited for a particular function or audience. Take, for instance, the extremely popular Facebook and Twitter networks, which allow family and friends to connect and share links, photos, and videos with each other. Certain social networks, such as LinkedIn, are geared toward corporate users such as employers and employees or jobseekers.

While it’s great to have multiple social networks to choose from, businesses that want to utilize them for marketing purposes might run into limitations distinct to each type. Some social networks, after all, lack the expert atmosphere professional networks exude. At the same time, such professional social networks may alienate more casual users. To get around such problems, businesses can rely on Google Plus—a service that combines the best of both social and professional networks.

Google Plus allows businesses to create credible professional profiles while allowing them to engage consumers similar to social networks. Businesses with a strong presence on Google Plus typically enjoy better search engine rankings and enhanced visibility to their target audiences. Businesses that want to get the most out of Google Plus might want to enlist the aid of a reputable online marketing agency to make the most out of this platform.


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