Some Facets that Reliable SEO Services Should Evoke in Hummingbird Era

The Hummingbird is less than a year old, but this newest algorithm is already making a major impact on search engine results pages. Reliable SEO services in the U.K. understand that they need to adjust their packages to accommodate Google’s massive changes, including the Hummingbird. An April 11, 2014 Search Engine Land article elaborates further on what SEO companies should do.

First of all, having a good website is an integral part of any internet marketing campaign. This now plays a great deal on how well a website will top the rankings of Google:


The Journey of Search Part I: Keyword-y Beginnings

Search behaviour changes as much as search engine algorithms do. One day, pages with as many keywords as possible rank high in search engine results pages; the next day, search engines like Google consider the practice of populating web pages with multiple keywords as spam. This five-part feature will discuss how far “search” has come from humble (and keyword-y) beginnings to virtually becoming human in its own right.

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Zooming-in Closely: Making Your Company Visible on Google Places UK

Having their company listed in Google Places UK should be the next step to consider for business owners, especially if they are struggling to come up with leads and falling short of their targets and expectations. As the above excerpt from an article posted on Site Pro News explains, being visible on Google Places not only puts a company on page 1 of the major search engines, it also connects the business to the target market.

Since a business wants to connect with people within its vicinity who want to acquire its products and services, or personally visit the physical store, utilising the online marketing tool will be beneficial. When it comes to getting started with the service, the article also mentions that companies can look for SEO specialists who can hook them up with the Google Plus Local site. It is important to note that not all SEO services are equal; some SEO providers come to the table with something more to offer.

How Google Adwords Can Benefit You

With search engine algorithms changing by the day, the quest to get to the top of search engine results pages is becoming tougher than ever. In some cases though, being there on top of SERPs is not enough to effectively advertise your business. What you need is to be in as many places on the Web as possible. Fortunately, Google allows this through its advertising service called Google Adwords.

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Why Make a Google+ Account for Your Business

2014 remains a good year for businesses relying on SEO marketing efforts as more people prowl the Web for information on almost anything. However, a huge chunk of this Internet-browsing group is in more for social connections than business. Fortunately, Google finally has a way to cater to both these social media fans and business owners through Google Plus.

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Why Should Small Businesses Hire a Dedicated Social Media Agency?

Starting a small business can be greatly rewarding, but you’ll also face huge challenges in the process. For starters, you have to develop a winning product or service from scratch. When you have a business plan in order, you then have to pitch it to lenders in order to secure capital.

Of course, effective social media marketing is more than just opening a Facebook or Twitter account and posting the occasional update or announcement. After all, there is so much content on these platforms competing for consumer attention, and you’re far from the only company who is leveraging social media for marketing purposes. As such, many SMEs (and even big businesses) hire a dedicated social media agency like Whitehat SEO Ltd. to help them out.