Making Websites SEO Friendly

A lot of businesses these days rely heavily on search engine optimisation or SEO strategies to market their products and services online. Since search engines base page rankings on the credibility of each website, it follows that websites must offer fresh and informative content that aligns with what customers find particularly relevant to their respective search queries. With quality website content in place, businesses can expect a boost to their online reputation and eventually place higher up on search engine results.

Keyword usage is the main backbone of SEO since it serves as the vital connection between the company’s website and the search query put forward by the customer. Care must be taken, however, to avoid overstuffing content with related keywords—a practice that is considered unethical in the age of Google algorithm updates such as Panda and Penguin. Each article or blog posted on a company’s website should, therefore, observe proper keyword density at all times; otherwise, the website could lose its coveted ranking and even get blacklisted on major search engines.

SEO is, ultimately, a marketing strategy. As such, it is important for website content to be compelling and intriguing such that customers will want to linger and read more about the company. Aside from drawing customers to the site through strategic keyword usage, the website must also offer added value to any casual visitor who encounters it for the first time.


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