Driving More Traffic to Your Blog Posts

Any SEO agency worth its weight in gold will tell you that having a blog in your business website is one of the most efficient ways to improve your SEO strategy. This is because search engine giants like Google are weighing quality content more heavily than other elements. Your blog posts, therefore, need to be optimised to get more traffic, so here are some tips:


Promote your blog posts and articles across various social media platforms to ensure maximum visibility. Sure, Facebook might be the leader in social media, but did you know that there are many people with Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Instagram accounts but don’t have one in Facebook? Moreover, you might even be surprised if you try the lesser-known platforms like Quora.com.


Now that your blog posts are visible in various platforms, the next step is to market using different forms of media. Choose a nice picture that best describes your post, think of a very catchy caption, and post it in Instagram, your Facebook wall, etc. You could also use Vine to create a 6-second video short preview about your blog. This should efficiently catch the attention of anyone who favours one media style to another.

In the end, the key to promoting blog posts is being creative about it. Make sure that the actual content of your post is relevant to your business and entertaining enough for your prospective customers to read and enjoy.


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