Why Make a Google+ Account for Your Business

2014 remains a good year for businesses relying on SEO marketing efforts as more people prowl the Web for information on almost anything. However, a huge chunk of this Internet-browsing group is in more for social connections than business. Fortunately, Google finally has a way to cater to both these social media fans and business owners through Google Plus.

While Google Plus is basically a social networking site, resembling Facebook and Twitter, its benefits to businesses are far greater than its predecessors. Google Plus surpasses the limitations of other social networking sites in offering an advertising platform for members. This is possible because Google Plus is integrally connected to Google, the biggest search engine site.

Those who are familiar with Picasa, one of Google’s earliest cloud computing programs, may already know that through this, website owners can store up to 1 gigabyte of photos to Google’s servers for free. Google then adds to their searchable data. For additional photo storage capacity, the website owner has to pay a fee. This rule though is defied by Google Plus.

Anyone can post as many photos as he or she wants in an account, and all those will be saved in Google’s servers for free. What’s more, Google crawlers treat these photos the same way as it does photos from private websites. Simply put, business owners can increase their website’s online visibility without worrying about incurring additional costs.


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