How Google Adwords Can Benefit You

With search engine algorithms changing by the day, the quest to get to the top of search engine results pages is becoming tougher than ever. In some cases though, being there on top of SERPs is not enough to effectively advertise your business. What you need is to be in as many places on the Web as possible. Fortunately, Google allows this through its advertising service called Google Adwords.

Adwords serves as Google’s classified ads section on designated webpages. Businesses pay for ad spots, and interested internet users can easily click on these. Clicking leads potential clients to a site, usually the client’s website, where information about the product or service offered is displayed. Once internet users get to the landing page, a business automatically gains a chance to make a sale.

One apparent benefit of this advertising tool is the big chance of increasing website traffic, practically because it’s located in more than one place on the Web, in contrast with typical SEO which only provides a spot on search results. In fact, Google Adwords lets you choose the places where you want your ad to appear.

Another advantage is that Adwords runthrough a pay-per-click system. Meaning, you pay for clicks to the ad, not for its tenure on a site. Like a typical marketplace though, you will have to pay high for a spot that is readily noticeable, which in the case of Google Adwords, are popular webpages.


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