For Efficient PPC: Geo-Targeting in Google AdWords

Take care that your Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign doesn’t take the opposite direction and run your business to the ground instead of helping it soar to the skies. A good way to make sure that you don’t get useless clicks is to make sure that you are geo-targeting your campaigns to the markets that you actually serve. Here are some tips on doing so through Google AdWords:


Apart from identifying your target market, AdWords also allow you to completely exclude areas from receiving your ads. Moreover, you can take this feature even further by not only blocking out areas with zero business, but even markets where your sales are doing poorly, thus allowing you to better hone in on your major markets, along with paying customers.


The geo-targeting feature isn’t your only arsenal against useless clicks. Your keywords themselves can incorporate your market locations. Instead of just placing “dentists” as your keyword, use “cosmetic dentists in London” or “sleep dentists in Yorkshire” instead. This also helps you pick up a lot more web traffic right within your intended locations.


Going mobile is always a good thing, so why not geo-target in Mobile AdWords as well? With the rise of smartphones, people are looking for products and services through their mobiles just as much as they do through their desktop computers. So take advantage of this opportunity to hone your target market where the need for your products or services are more definite and substantial.


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