A Guide to Maintaining your Online Reputation

Establishing your brand’s online presence is only the first step. Next you’ll have to build your reputation, and more importantly, learn how to keep it under a positive light. The problem with internet marketing is that companies can quickly be ruined by something as little as a few bad reviews. The best way to ensure that this doesn’t happen to your business is to constantly check up on and manage your online presence.


The actions of your company in general isn’t the only thing that affects your reputation. Every person who is associated with it plays an important role as well. The administrative body in particular can have the greatest (and sometimes, most damaging) influence. Putting up an efficient social media guidelines could curb or at least lessen this risk.


Keep track of what people are saying about your company. Regularly check search results, especially in major search engines like Google. Look for potentially damaging posts, tweets, blogs, Facebook status updates, among others, and get to work on repairing your image as quickly as possible.

ORM Campaigns

Many online marketing companies are offering online reputation management services that can help you patch up anything bad that comes out so it doesn’t overwhelm search results. Take advantage of these services, but know that this shouldn’t simply be a one-time thing but rather a continuous campaign, since bad reviews can sprout like weeds on a poorly tended garden.


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