Four Must-Know SEO Terms

Looking to fully invest in SEO campaigns for your company? If you must put your company on the top of the search engine pages, you must at least be aware of the terms being used for the process. This is no less important if you hire an internet marketing consultant to help promote and optimise your website. Here are four must-know terms that will be commonly encountered in your SEO campaigns.

Backlinks. Backlinks generally refer to hyper-links which point to a particular web page. An example is when a blogger running a popular lifestyle blog has his blog’s link published on other sites for other people to check out, an effective technique of driving traffic to a target website.

PageRank. . Basically, PageRank is determined by the quality of content and backlinks pointing to a specific website. Google determines where a specific URL should be placed at any given user search, based on its evolving algorithms.

Page and domain authority. Both these terms refer to a calculated metric, which is used to determine how well a webpage will rank in search results. Page and domain authority is largely based on a combination of factors, such as links, PageRank, and others.

Keyword. A keyword is any term that search engine users type in to find a specific website, product, or service. For example, a homeowner in Springfield, Missouri wants to check out a donut store in the area, and types in “donuts Springfield MO” as a keyword. Adding a location to the product search confines the search results to donut stores in Springfield, MO. If you’re a donut store owner, you want your website keyword-optimised so that your site does not fall behind hundreds of competitors on an online search of your product.


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