AdWords: The Need for Good Online Marketing Teams

One good reason why companies in the U.K. need the services of a reputable and experienced online marketing team is Google AdWords’ bidding system. The process can get cutthroat particularly for certain keywords, making it important to always stay on top of the bidding process, and to identify the right keywords that will most likely work within a given schedule.

Google’s AdWords system starts by identifying keywords that may be relevant in a search query. It then determines if an auction is needed, with the participants being advertisers who have signified their intention to bid for these keywords. The goal of the auction is to assign an Ad Rank for each advertiser, and the one that receives the highest Ad Rank gets the best ad position on the search results page. AdRank is determined by the advertiser’s Cost-Per-Click (CPC) bid and Quality Score.

The expertise of online marketing teams are essential in optimising the entire advertising process. First of all, the team needs to identify the most appropriate keywords to bid on, as well as the timing. They then have to make sure that they bid the right amount – not too high as to put the company at a financial disadvantage, nor too low that it gets little chance of winning in an auction.

Likewise, online marketers have to make sure that the ad is useful and relevant to users so that it gets a competitive Quality Score, and thus, higher chances of winning the bid.


Effective Online Reputation Management Secures a Company’s Bottom Line

What makes managing an online reputation rather daunting is the fact that previously resolved issues may still be resurrected and come back to haunt a business. Fortunately, an online marketing expert such as Whitehat SEO Ltd can track damaging reviews and ensure that positive comments far outrank the negative ones on search engines. In addition, such an internet marketing firm can instil a so-called “reputation marketing” culture within the organisation by educating staff about ethical practices and the finer points of providing great service as a way to win (or win back) customer loyalty.

Indeed, building a solid reputation starts with providing great service. To learn how to make a favourable first impression, uphold a positive public image, and thereby secure their bottom line, businesses can turn to a reliable reputation marketing agency such as Whitehat SEO Ltd.

Google Plus: Everything in Google Places and More

With the introduction of Google+ in 2011, several of the search engine’s services, such as Google Places, have been integrated into its social media flagship. In an apparent bid to strengthen the site, Google+ has also assimilated other known Google features that business owners have been using to promote their business, with improvements to boot.

Zagat Rating System

Replacing Google’s star ratings, Google+ has integrated the Zagat rating, which features a more thorough 30-point rating scale as opposed to the limited five stars scale of the previous system. Ratings can also be made by category, including food, décor, service, and cost (for restaurants).

Local Tab

Google+ allows interesting and personalised local search results with its “Local” tab. No two results will be the same, as each one is customised according to the user’s profile. The businesses featured will, of course, come with a Google Maps result. Local businesses can take advantage of this by ensuring their Google+ profiles are accurate and updated.

Circles Filter

Social media brings friends and family closer, and Google+ has made this work for businesses through its “circles filter.” By clicking on the filter, users will be able to see results recommended by friends and family who are part of their Google+ list of contacts. It makes sense because the search for good products or services almost always involves referrals from trusted persons.

Marketing your Hotel Establishment through a Dedicated PPC Agency

A PPC ad directing to related pages on the website must require intensive bidding for the brand name to ensure the traffic comes to you first and the revenues end up in your hands instead of an online travel agency that just aids in booking rooms.

One benefit of hiring U.K. PPC professionals to run ads for your hotel is that you can have them fine-tune the ads, especially when you are running specific promos. Vikram says a preferred PPC specialist should be proficient in “active management,” where functions such as proper bidding strategies, ad execution, and performance audits on the fly are made.

Making Business Solutions Better with Integrated Google Places U.K.

A business location may become more visible when you mix platforms like Google Places U.K. with additional “ingredients.” Paul Chaney of Practical eCommerce writes on a new development out of Google HQ:

The development can be a boon or a bane to business operators in the United Kingdom. The interconnection of online services in the country already triggers excessive competition among businesses, even in certain counties. However, with the merging of Google Places U.K. with Google Plus Local U.K., you need to maximise its potential with the help of specialists like Whitehat SEO, Ltd.

A Social Media Agency Helps Businesses with Social Network Engagement

Before the Internet came along, word of mouth meant that product opinions came from actual conversations with friends or family, which were then passed around from one person to another. These days, however, people make use of social networking sites to offer their product opinions not only to those they know but to strangers too.

While using social networking sites seems simple enough, one wrong move can spell doom for any business. For this reason, it’s wise to work with an experienced social media agency when planning to use social networking sites for word-of-mouth marketing.

Working with an SEO Company: 3 Key Strategies for Online Retailers

In the UK, it’s been said time and again that online shopping has been increasing in leaps and bounds. One industry which can attest to this exponential growth is the logistics industry. According to the Financial Times writer Jane Wild, many logistics companies are feeling the pressure of the online shopping boom.

With the huge potential of e-commerce, small and start-up businesses can’t afford to get left behind. What their owners can do is to keep up with the changes and take advantage. A good way to start is to work with an established SEO company so they can increase their online presence.