Most Common SEO Misconceptions: Part II

The first part of the Most Common SEO Misconceptions series talked about basic things that involve keywords and linking. This time, we’re going further, read on and learn more:

Google Only! Google might be cyberspace’s most dominant search engine with two thirds of all searches running through it; but hey, other search engines can be effectively used, too. For instance, engines like Bing are commonly overlooked – but only select people understand how effective Bing can be as an SEO target. In 2013, Bing ranked close second (16.9%) to Google (67.1%) in terms of search engine market share, even besting world-renowned Yahoo! by over 5 percent (11.8%). Statistics might show a huge disparity, but engines like Bing can definitely make for good backups.

Google +1s directly affect search rankings. Somewhere down SEO’s developmental road, there were rumours that spread out saying that using any Google tool automatically improved search rankings. This mainly began when specific sites sporting high numbers of +1s had excellent search rankings, prompting Google’s Matt Cutts himself to quickly rebuke the fact. Cutts stressed that +1s doesn’t necessarily mean Google itself is using those signals in ranking pages. If companies are posting great content, people would most definitely link to it, like it, and share it across various sites – giving +1s a smaller portion of the pie without omitting its effectiveness as a criterion.

More SEO misconceptions are coming your way, so stay tuned for part 3.


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