Google Plus: Everything in Google Places and More

With the introduction of Google+ in 2011, several of the search engine’s services, such as Google Places, have been integrated into its social media flagship. In an apparent bid to strengthen the site, Google+ has also assimilated other known Google features that business owners have been using to promote their business, with improvements to boot.

Zagat Rating System

Replacing Google’s star ratings, Google+ has integrated the Zagat rating, which features a more thorough 30-point rating scale as opposed to the limited five stars scale of the previous system. Ratings can also be made by category, including food, décor, service, and cost (for restaurants).

Local Tab

Google+ allows interesting and personalised local search results with its “Local” tab. No two results will be the same, as each one is customised according to the user’s profile. The businesses featured will, of course, come with a Google Maps result. Local businesses can take advantage of this by ensuring their Google+ profiles are accurate and updated.

Circles Filter

Social media brings friends and family closer, and Google+ has made this work for businesses through its “circles filter.” By clicking on the filter, users will be able to see results recommended by friends and family who are part of their Google+ list of contacts. It makes sense because the search for good products or services almost always involves referrals from trusted persons.


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