AdWords: The Need for Good Online Marketing Teams

One good reason why companies in the U.K. need the services of a reputable and experienced online marketing team is Google AdWords’ bidding system. The process can get cutthroat particularly for certain keywords, making it important to always stay on top of the bidding process, and to identify the right keywords that will most likely work within a given schedule.

Google’s AdWords system starts by identifying keywords that may be relevant in a search query. It then determines if an auction is needed, with the participants being advertisers who have signified their intention to bid for these keywords. The goal of the auction is to assign an Ad Rank for each advertiser, and the one that receives the highest Ad Rank gets the best ad position on the search results page. AdRank is determined by the advertiser’s Cost-Per-Click (CPC) bid and Quality Score.

The expertise of online marketing teams are essential in optimising the entire advertising process. First of all, the team needs to identify the most appropriate keywords to bid on, as well as the timing. They then have to make sure that they bid the right amount – not too high as to put the company at a financial disadvantage, nor too low that it gets little chance of winning in an auction.

Likewise, online marketers have to make sure that the ad is useful and relevant to users so that it gets a competitive Quality Score, and thus, higher chances of winning the bid.


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