Stick to ‘White Hat’ SEO Services in London

Search engine optimisation or SEO is fairly new as far as marketing technologies go, as it was conceived in the late 90s and didn’t become prominent up until now. As the name implies, SEO relies on optimised content, preferably those that contain relevant terms and keywords, to boost a website’s online ranking. While the concept was fairly straightforward, it didn’t take long for good and bad SEO tactics to come into the fore. Continue reading


Wearing Your Stakeholder’s Shoes

To understand what needs to be done in establishing your reputation, you need to look at it from the client’s point of view. Don’t think about what to do; think about what clients expect and want you to do. As a business, you don’t simply deal with your primary customer. You deal with loads of people, whether or not it’s for business matters. Continue reading

Who Wins in an AdWords Bidding?

In a typical auction, the highest bidder always wins. In tendering public contracts, the lowest normally—if not always—wins. In AdWords, however, it’s not as simple as either.

There are times when the lowest bidder wins the prime spot in search ads. This is because the bid is only half the story in AdWords; the other half is the relevance and usefulness of the ad to the user. According to experts, a high-quality ad with a £1.00 bid can out bid a low-quality ad with twice the bid amount. Continue reading

What Does Google Plus Have That Facebook Doesn’t?

Google Plus may not be getting as much traffic as Facebook and Twitter. However, Google’s social media platform has features that neither of the two social media giants have.


Google has grown beyond its search engine comfort zone, introducing utilities such as Google Drive and Gmail. Facebook used to have its own email system ( but pulled its plug in early 2014 due to low usage. Gmail, on the other hand, not only enjoys a huge following but also integration into Google’s family of utilities including its social media arm. Continue reading

How to Use Pinterest for Business

Online pinboard site Pinterest has captured millions of hearts and minds. Not just of individuals, but of businesses and organisations as well. With over 70 million users, Pinterest has become a valuable marketing tool for businesses looking to connect with potential clients or to drive sales. Now that you know Pinterest’s marketing potential, as tempting as it is to start pinning, it is imperative that you do the following first:

Set up your account properly

Setting up a Pinterest account is pretty straightforward, but consider what you will be using your Pinterest account for. If you are public figure, then you will likely be using your own name. However, if you own a business, it would be wiser to use your business name and use your logo as an official business page.

Brand your pins

Although it takes a certain amount of effort, branding each of the photos that you upload on Pinterest is worth the work. Branding means including your logo on your photos. With your photos branded, users share your logo whenever they share your photo.

Link your Pinterest page with other social media platforms

Add Pinterest sharing buttons and apps to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Give a call-to-action to your followers in these sites to follow you on Pinterest.

Why do you Need SEO?

Search engine optimization or SEO is an important part of online marketing because it helps drive web traffic to the intended client website as shown on the search engine results page (SERP) rankings. Many businesses do away with SEO and instead focus only on web design and development.  This is not smart marketing move at all; if you can’t get the word out in the most effective way possible, how can you expect an impressive stream of traffic to browse on your site every day?

Everyone uses search engines

Many official dictionaries now include the word ‘google’, which is a verb that describes the act of looking for information online or using search engines like Google. This means that all over the world, people understand the value of the quick search, and so business owners should likewise know the value of having their entire target market a mere click away.

Targeted traffic is SEO’s banner

Things don’t end in general results. SEO seeks to specifically target people who have the best chances of being converted from readers or browsers to clients or customers. Expanding your scope, improving your reach, and then honing down on a loyal or stable customer base are potent marketing techniques that make for compelling results.

SEO targets people

Yet another great thing about SEO is that it allows you to create relevant, readable, and relatable content for your customers to enjoy. More than just being a vessel for high SERP ranking, SEO services today are geared towards delivering quality content.

Pointers to Drive your Social Media Strategy with Facebook as Platform

Even if you know all about marketing your business online, you will still find social media marketing a challenge because many of the marketing techniques you learned won’t apply to such platforms.

Take Facebook for instance: people don’t really go there to sell things, but to interact with others, to read news about everyday life, to connect with friends, and to share things about themselves. So how do you drive your social media strategy on Facebook?