What Does Google Plus Have That Facebook Doesn’t?

Google Plus may not be getting as much traffic as Facebook and Twitter. However, Google’s social media platform has features that neither of the two social media giants have.


Google has grown beyond its search engine comfort zone, introducing utilities such as Google Drive and Gmail. Facebook used to have its own email system (username@facebook.com) but pulled its plug in early 2014 due to low usage. Gmail, on the other hand, not only enjoys a huge following but also integration into Google’s family of utilities including its social media arm.

Google Plus also has integration with services that weren’t originally part of Google like Blogger and YouTube. Blogger was bought in 2003 after Google bought its developer, Pyra Labs. Three years later, YouTube was bought for $1.65 billion, the most expensive Google has made in its history. Since then, Google has expanded its array of services for personal and business uses.

Mobile Ads

While Facebook and Google Plus run ads, the latter has the advantage in mobile. Facebook has just recently adapted the practice for its mobile app platform, which currently runs no ads. Google Plus’ mobile platform can host ads, a friendly prospect for businesses to increase exposure. This gives listed businesses increased exposure on both fixed and mobile platforms.


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