Wearing Your Stakeholder’s Shoes

To understand what needs to be done in establishing your reputation, you need to look at it from the client’s point of view. Don’t think about what to do; think about what clients expect and want you to do. As a business, you don’t simply deal with your primary customer. You deal with loads of people, whether or not it’s for business matters.

Experts call this approach the “stakeholder’s perspective.” You base your methods on building your reputation from the eyes of people observing you right now, asking “What will be the firm’s next move?” or “How will it get out of this predicament?” To put it simply, it pays to listen to what your consumers and the community are saying.

For example, how can you establish your reputation when facing authorities? As today’s political issues focus on sustainability, your business must find ways to cut back on the resources it uses without compromising the quality and quantity of work done. Whether or not you own a smokestack, you still leave carbon footprints with wasteful habits.

So place yourself in your stakeholder’s shoes. Pay attention as to what they say about your firm. Only then can you take decisive action and build a reputation worth singing about.


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