Stick to ‘White Hat’ SEO Services in London

Search engine optimisation or SEO is fairly new as far as marketing technologies go, as it was conceived in the late 90s and didn’t become prominent up until now. As the name implies, SEO relies on optimised content, preferably those that contain relevant terms and keywords, to boost a website’s online ranking. While the concept was fairly straightforward, it didn’t take long for good and bad SEO tactics to come into the fore.

It is considered underhanded to flood a person’s mailbox with offers that he or she didn’t ask for, and the same principle applies to SEO; indeed, such a tactic is identified as ‘black hat’ SEO.. Before search engines like Google stepped up their algorithms and security protocols, many websites resorted to spam, like creating dozens of unrelated articles or hoarding links to other websites, as an “effective” way to do SEO. When it was discovered that such tactics stole the spotlight from other, more reputable websites, search engines became more vigilant.

Today, ‘white hat’ SEO is the name of the game and it requires websites to exert a lot of effort into producing keyword-optimised content, such as blog posts and news articles, and expanding their presence in social media sites, like Facebook. White hat SEO also takes web design into account, as search engines now favour websites that can be viewed seamlessly from both personal computers and Internet-capable mobile devices.


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