It’s About Time You Get a Responsive Web Design

You might be surprised to learn that not many people access the Internet through their personal computers anymore. Statistics show that more than half of the world’s internet searches in 2012 were done using a mobile device, like a smartphone, to the point that mobile internet usage might become the norm before the end of 2014. These figures may not sound like a big deal, but they’re actually a challenge for you to improve your website.

This is because not all websites behave appropriately when they’re accessed from anything other than a desktop or laptop computer. Unlike computers, mobile devices have much smaller screens and (for now) less-powerful web browsers, making certain websites fail to load/appear correctly. What you need is a responsive web design, offered by the best SEO agency in London, which allows websites to adjust accordingly to these limitations.

Another thing that a responsive web design is good for is that it makes things simpler for you and for search engines like Google. To elaborate, if you want to attract mobile internet users, you then need to build a mobile version of your website; something that costs money. However, Google doesn’t even prefer this approach because it forces them to index two versions of one website. With a responsive web design, on the other hand, your website will only use one version and one index in Google’s database, thus making it beneficial to both parties.


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