London’s Best Inbound Marketing Agency

As the leading agency of London’s inbound marketing industry, Whitehat offers top-notch service and generates website traffic for businesses all over United Kingdom. Our quality work doesn’t stop there. We also provide various businesses SEO services, pay-per-click management, and user-friendly web-design.

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Businesses Can Improve their Image with Social Media Agency Strategies

Hiring the services of a trustworthy social media agency such as Whitehat is by far the most efficient method of managing online reputation, since the time that the business owners would spend on improving their image by themselves could instead be directed to attending to the other important aspects of their venture.

But what about entities such as small businesses that are unable to tap these services for one reason or another? It turns out that they can take advantage of some of the strategies used by an experienced social media manager to handle online reputation, albeit on a smaller scale and without the back-up of a specialist.

SEO Company Services That Boost Effectiveness of Your SEO Strategy

You can easily resolve this by updating your web design to mobile responsive web design. It’s a “one size fits all” solution, as it allows your website to adapt to the dimensions and capabilities of the site accessing it. Instead of dividing valuable assets between a desktop computer site and a mobile site, all traffic is streamlined through site, doubling the traffic SEO brings you.

SEO itself is a highly effective method for increasing the traffic your website sees. However, an effective social media campaign and a mobile responsive website can enhance SEO and bring your business to new heights. With that in mind, consult a trusted SEO company to see how you can integrate social media and responsive web design to your existing SEO strategy.

Three Effective White Hat SEO Techniques to Help Your Business Succeed

There is always something new happening in a city like London, and business owners can use news items to build their content around. For instance: the Royal Baby, Prince George, recently turned one. Those who make furniture for a living can write an article or blog post on tips for choosing a toddler-friendly crib or bed.

The complexity of SEO makes it tempting for some business owners to adopt negative practices to improve their online visibility. However, such techniques will get them in trouble, and it will more prudent to take the clean route instead. A meeting with an experienced SEO consultant like one from Whitehat SEO Ltd will put them on the right track.

SEO Agency in London Can Launch Local Marketing through Google Tools

This recently-launched platform is a big boost to local businesses everywhere. It will provide web users with maps to local restaurants along with other pertinent information, like hours of operation. For this reason, Google My Business is also a critical tool for restaurant owners.

While Google designed these tools to be user-friendly, using them can be overwhelming for some restaurateurs. Fortunately, they can depend on an established SEO agency that specialises in local marketing─ like Whitehat SEO Ltd─ to help out.

Maximise SEO Services in London: Tips for the Hospitality Industry

Hotel websites should have detailed information on what they offer, including amenities and restaurant menus. However, hotel owners must remember that travellers aren’t in their rooms for the whole length of their stay. London tourists, for instance, will want to see top attractions like the London Eye, so it’s essential to have articles or blog posts on area attractions too.

With travellers now relying on the Net for hotel information, hoteliers must have a strong online presence. Fortunately, they can rely on effective SEO services from experts like Whitehat SEO Ltd. to boost their web presence. These professionals provide full-service SEO packages, from website design to pay per click advertising.

Online Reputation Management: A Few Tips to Avoid a Delisting Request

When a European court recently upheld the “right to be forgotten” rule and instructed search engine Google to remove past information about a person that are already irrelevant and inadequate, it was a victory for online reputation management companies like Whitehat. It allows people who have been subjected to bad publicity, whether intentional or not, to emerge with a clean slate, particularly if the information in question no longer applies to their present status.

The right to be forgotten is a concept revolving around a person’s wish to get on with life without being continually stigmatised by past actions and situations. The idea supports the move of anyone to have past photos, posts, articles and links delisted from Google’s search database.